Dealing with a Summer Cold

Are you sniffling in summer? Discover great types of medications to relieve the symptoms of a summer cold. Click here for more information.

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Dealing with a Summer Cold

Like many people, I usually get sick with colds during the winter months. However, I sometimes contract this type of illness during the hot summer months as well. This issue may be caused from spending too much time indoors sitting under air conditioner units. Regardless of what causes my summer cold, I’m always miserable. When I can’t find relief from over-the-counter remedies, I visit my nearby health care clinic. My physician is a gem. He always seems to always know what type of medicine to prescribe me. On this blog, you will discover the best types of medications to relieve the symptoms of a summer cold.


Symptoms And Treatment For Pelvic Floor Prolapse

5 June 2018
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If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, constipation, and pain during sexual intercourse, you might want to talk to your doctor about these things. While there are multiple conditions that can have these symptoms, your doctor might diagnose you with a pelvic floor prolapse. This is a common condition with older women, but it is often something that can be treated and fixed with physiotherapy. Here are several things to understand about pelvic floor prolapse. Read More …

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Parenting is one of the hardest (and longest-lasting) jobs in the world, albeit one of the most rewarding. Parenting a disabled child who needs additional support services is an even harder job, often requiring you to wear the separate hats of parent, caregiver, social worker, and insurance professional all at once. What are your financial options if you're caring for a disabled child in Canada? Read on to learn more about your disability support options. Read More …

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Strep throat is more common than many parents think. Strep throat can be dangerous if it goes untreated, which is why it is so important that parents know how to recognize it Here are some things you need to know about strep throat to keep your family safe. What Causes Strep Throat? Strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection in the throat. Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, unlike viral infections. Read More …